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Mailing Policies and Practices

Our fundraising efforts include a direct mail program that reaches our entire service area with mailings throughout the year. In addition to raising substantial funds every year, this program is one of our most efficient and effective communication tools, bringing our donors and friends stories, statistics and solutions about our fight against hunger and poverty in southern Arizona. 

Removing My Name from Your Mailing List
If you choose at any time to be removed from our mail list, please contact our Donor Services line at (520) 882-3300 or Your name will then be removed from all future mailing lists. We ask, however, for patience in fulfilling your request. Our mailings are planned well in advance, so it can take up to 60 days before changes to your mail preferences are fully in effect. You may continue to receive mail in the next weeks.

Why Mail So Frequently?
These mailings are an important way for us to raise the funds that allow us to continue changing lives across southern Arizona. Please don’t worry if you receive a letter and are unable to respond. While we appreciate gifts when you’re able to give, we certainly do not expect a gift with every mailing. 

The Cost of Mailings
We share your concern about keeping costs at a minimum. Printing our letters in conjunction with those of several other Food Banks enables us to keep our printing costs very low. We also enjoy the benefit of reduced postage rates for nonprofit organizations.

Suggested Gift Amounts
The suggested gift amounts are only meant to reflect what we believe you may be able to give, based on your past gifts to the Community Food Bank. We do not intend to dictate how much to give; that decision is always yours to make. Some of our friends give only of their time and talent. Others can afford generous financial gifts. Please know that we are truly grateful for what each person can do.

How We Acquire New Names
We use a direct mail company that evaluates lists available on the market and suggests which would be best for a particular mailing project. The lists are rented. Neither the Community Food Bank nor the direct mail company is at liberty to discuss information pertaining to their list sources, but there are several ways they could have acquired your name. If you've ordered from a catalog, used a credit card, or have a magazine subscription, your name probably appears on several marketing lists. We also utilize compiled lists created from public information such as the Department of Motor Vehicles, phone books, National Change of Address forms and/or homeowners lists. To have your name removed from those direct mail lists, please visit to register with the national Mail Preference Service.

Once you become a donor of the Community Food Bank, we NEVER rent of share our donor list with other non-profits or other entities.  

Incorrect Addresses 
We appreciate it when someone calls our attention to the fact that their address or other information is incorrect on our mailing list. Please contact our Donor Services line at (520) 882-3300 or, and we will update our records with the corrected information you provide.

Deceased Individuals
Despite our efforts to remove the names of people who has passed away from our database, sometimes errors may occur, especially given the fact that are mailings are planned several months in advance. To have the name of a deceased individual removed from our records, please contact our Donor Services line at (520) 882-3300 or