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We offer grant and loan opportunities from $100 to $250,000, some in conjunction with other community organizations. Look below to see ways that we can work together to expand opportunities in southern Arizona.

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For Individual and Small Businesses

Building our local food economy means supporting grassroots entrepreneurs who by the nature of their work improve food access, food justice, and food security. Through our partnership with Tucson-based nonprofit, Community Investment Corporation, we are happy to provide low-cost, short-term microloans to local entrepreneurs whose business goals complement the broader mission of the Community Food Bank.

Funding amount: Up to $5,000

Applications accepted any time

In partnership with   

For Nonprofit Organizations

The Agency Capacity-Building Loan provides funding to nonprofit agencies seeking to provide sustainable hunger relief, increase community food security, and improve diet-related community health and wellness. This program operates in partnership with Community Investment Corporation, a local Tucson nonprofit agency. Funding will be restricted to 501(c)(3) organizations located in Arizona, with preference granted to those operating in rural southern Arizona.

For information on this program, contact Lori Simmons, Director of Rural Economic Development for Community Investment Corporation, at (520) 529-1766 x204 or at

Funding amount: Up to $250,000

Applications accepted any time. For requests larger than $250,000, additional funding may be considered in coordination with other funding organizations.

In partnership with   

Descripción de la Subvención

Purpose: The purpose of the Thriving Communities Grant (formerly known as the Partner Capacity-Building Grant) is to support organizations, collectives, and mutual aid groups in addressing various aspects of food security, community health, social justice, and root-causes of hunger.  The grant can fund a wide array of projects, including community organizing, supplies, infrastructure, training, educational projects, pilot projects, evaluation efforts, and more. The primary goals of Thriving Communities projects are to maintain or increase services, quality, or community engagement for a healthy, hunger-free community.

Eligibility: Funding is open to organizations and groups conducting projects in Cochise, Graham, Greenlee, Pima, and Santa Cruz Counties, AZ that are either a.) 501c3 non-profit, church, school, mutual aid, collective, or tribal organizations b.) Organizations, mutual aid groups, collectives, and tribal organizations that are fiscally sponsored by a 501c3 non-profit c.) Organizations that are not formally incorporated. If an applicant group does not have an EIN/tax ID # or existing fiscal sponsor, they may apply for the Community Food Bank's (CFB) Avanzando LLC to be a fiscal sponsor. Proposed 1-year projects should be planned to be completed within one year, with the possibility of application for extension if necessary. Proposed multi-year projects should be planned to be completed within two to three years.

Award amounts offered:

  • Up to $5,000: Less extensive application and reporting process.
  • Up to $20,000: For individual organization applicants.
  • Up to $60,000: For collaborations of 2 or more organizations. Collaborative projects bring together various stakeholders as part of the proposed project, and the proposal must include Letters of Commitment from each collaborating organization.
  • Up to $200,000: We will award 1-2 grants of up to $200,000 in multi-year funding. All organizations that apply for multi-year funding will also be considered for single-year funding, so anyone who applies for but does not receive multi-year funding can still receive single-year funding. 

Successful requests will address a specific community need and indicate how the effect of the project will extend beyond the initial investment. Proposals will be assessed based on:

  • Having well-defined goals
  • Advances a thriving, equitable community. Examples could include the ways that this project:
    • Advances racial equity 
    • Increases organizational capacity to engage in justice work 
    • Increases social cohesion and social connection (breaks social isolation) 
    • Increases access to healthy, culturally appropriate food 
    • Increases economic opportunity 
  • Being led by or centers power with people the project seeks to benefit
  • Advances work for dignity, ownership, belonging, and having a voice for people who are historically marginalized
  • Benefit to other organizations in our network or service area

Timeline for decisions: 

  • Notification of decisions by December 20th, 2021
  • Award checks to be mailed in late January, 2022

Requirements and Reporting:
Requirements will reflect the nature of the proposed project and project timeline.

  • For proposals $5,000 and under: Upon end of project completion, provide photos and short description
    of project result.
  • For proposals greater than $5,000: Upon end of grant year, provide brief report of project activities,
    challenges, and impact.
  • For multi-year funding: As part of continually deepening relationship, the multi-year grantees and CFB will have a conversation at least 1x per year (in person or virtual). Multi-year grantees will also provide a brief share-back of project activities, challenges, and impact each year.
  • All awardees are invited to acknowledge CFB funding in project promotion.

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