Our History

43 Years of Service

In 1975, the advocacy organization Food Action Coalition of Tucson became the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona, founded by Barry Corey and Mark Homan. The following year, the CFB officially opened its doors in Tucson, with Dan Duncan as the first paid staff member. That year, we distributed 10,533 food boxes and educated people about food stamp benefits (now called SNAP).

Forty-six years later, we have grown from one facility in Tucson to seven locations providing services across five counties of southern Arizona. In partnership with over 300 local agencies, we distribute 65,000 meals daily and serve 190,000 people every year. True to our advocacy roots, we have become a national leader in the food security movement. Through nutrition education, civic engagement, food business development, and public policy advocacy, we are responding to the root causes of hunger and poverty and leading the way to a healthy, hunger-free community.