"If you don't have community, you don't have anything."

Varga's Story

We started by building the garden at the Community Food Bank. Then we planted a garden at a local school, and at a library, and in people’s backyards. We were building gardens, but we were also building communities of people who cared about local food and food justice.

And people really did care. It’s life’s gift—to be able to work with extraordinary young people who are invested in their communities. To see the joy in what they’re accomplishing.

We wanted to make it possible for the community to have access to healthy food—to learn how to grow it, how to harvest it, how to share it with neighbors. We need to advocate for people in our communities, and we need to invest in justice.

You really have to recognize your responsibility to the people you live next door to, or to the kids who walk down your street going to school. We have to be here for each other. If you don’t have community, you don’t have anything.

Varga Garland founded the Community Food Bank’s Community Food Resource Center, which is dedicated to long-term solutions for food insecurity through education, advocacy, and food justice.