"I’m just a small part of making that change happen. We all are."

Michael's Story

I’m hopeful. I really am. There’s integrity behind our intention for social change and social justice, and I see so much compassion in so many people in my day-to-day work.

We’re all generous, and we want to share our gifts with each other. Everyone has the ability to share what they have, whether it’s the gift of gratitude, or the gift of passing along knowledge that you’ve learned, or even just the gift of a smile. We all have something to give.

I think that’s why I like doing this work. Those encounters between people who have something to give—it’s such a meaningful moment, watching people come together who maybe wouldn’t come together otherwise. I just feel lucky to be part of that space. It’s a privilege to see people act with such compassion.

We are our own source of wealth. It’s just everyday people who can make a difference. People taking care of people and providing a better future for everyone. I know that I’m just a small part of making that change happen. We all are.

Michael McDonald has been the CEO of the Community Food Bank since 2014.