"It's very satisfying to volunteer here, to know that we're helping people."

Keith's Story

I’ve been volunteering with the Food Bank since October 1988. I worked in the warehouse checking cans for damage and that sort of thing. Also rode the bread truck for quite a while, collecting anything that’s a day old or whatever bread. But it was fun. I’ve had a good time, enjoyed all the people I’ve worked with.

It’s been enjoyable working with the Food Bank to accomplish something. If I could describe my 27 years here in one word, I think it would be fulfilling. It’s very satisfying to work here, to know that we’re helping people. And so many good people work here—I’ve met so many people and some have become close friends.

It keeps me busy. That’s what it does. As long as it keeps me busy, I’m happy. I would encourage others to get involved, tell them about my experience, and ask them to give it a try.

Keith has been volunteering with the Community Food Bank for over 27 years.