"The Community Food Bank is a very important resource."

Jim & Mary's Story

We feel blessed to be in a position where we are able to donate and help those who need it. We give to causes that we believe in. The Community Food Bank does a great job with things that we can’t do, and it is needed.

If you’re interested in really helping those who really need help, this is one of the places to go.

The money we give is used so wisely. It makes us feel good. Southern Arizona is blessed to have the Food Bank because it covers such a large area, and it helps so many people, and it’s a very important resource.

We especially love the emphasis on providing access to fresh food through the Farmers’ Market and the garden program. That addition of fresh food makes a big difference in people’s lives. We’re happy to be part of that difference.

Jim and Mary Kautz have lived in Tucson since 2003. They were introduced to the Community Food Bank at the Gabrielle Giffords Center dedication and were so impressed with the mission of the Food Bank and dedication of its staff and volunteers that they chose to invest as long-term donors.