The VOICES Project


Real Stories of Hunger, Hope, and Resilience in Southern Arizona

Our community is made up of many people whose stories too often go untold: those who face silent struggles with poverty and hunger, those who give selflessly and expect nothing in return, and those who work every single day toward a better future. 

Our VOICES project documents the everyday hardships, triumphs, and inspirations of people in our community—clients, volunteers, donors, staff and community partners.

These are the faces of the Community Food Bank. These are their stories—stories of hunger and hope, of strength and resilience, and of courage and compassion.

Meet Varga

If you don't have community, you don't have anything.

Meet Raymond

It's so rewarding to be able to feed myself from the land.

Meet Diana

Caridad gave me more than I expected.

Meet Sara

I'm rich in other ways.

Meet Max

Being here made me feel like I was capable of making a difference.

Meet Dena

Trying to find another job has just been really hard. I couldn’t get a job at Walmart. I expected the interview to be so easy, but it wasn’t...